Paranormal Consultations

We would be delighted to address any paranormal matters or worries you may have. Is the activity something you should be concerned about, or is it simply passing by? Rest assured, we are here to lend an ear to your concerns and offer our guidance free of charge.

Paranormal Investigations

Although we do not carry out conventional investigations, we are available to arrange a visit to your home or business in order to ascertain the presence of any individuals or entities. These visits are free of charge, however, we do accept donations for the documented findings. For further information, kindly complete the Contact Us page. Please note that we only entertain serious inquiries.

Paranormal Education

We provide free lectures to schools, colleges, or private groups.

Paranormal Analysis

We are happy to offer a complimentary analysis of your photos, videos, or audio recordings and provide our expert opinion.

Ghost Hunting Lessons

Discover the secrets of ghost hunting with expert advice, valuable tips, and proven techniques to make your group or solo adventure truly exhilarating! Get all the details by filling out our Contact Us form. Remember, we gratefully accept donations to support our work.