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"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
- Thomas A. Edison

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the paranormal field by investigating paranormal claims, learning about paranormal phenomena, teaching others about the subject, and providing guidance to those who may have experienced paranormal activity.


About Denver Paranormal Research Society

Denver Paranormal Research Society is entering its ninth year of professional service in the paranormal field. Denver Paranormal Research Society provides consulting services for paranormal concerns and questions. The association is not a group of people but one individual who is dedicated to the cause. I take all paranormal inquiries seriously and conduct business with the highest level of integrity and sincerity. I will address your inquiries promptly and discreetly, and you will receive heartfelt, one-on-one personal attention.

I look for natural explanations for paranormal claims, because what may appear paranormal may be explainable. I do not claim to be an expert, because there are no experts in this field.

I partner with others who are knowledgeable in different aspects of the paranormal. I reach out to them when I need a different perspective or assistance in a specific area.

My primary purpose is researching the paranormal and sharing my knowledge while providing guidance to those in need. Please send your questions or concerns through the “Contact DPRS” link or call me directly. I promise to contact you.

Investigations are no longer provided.*

*Exception: The situation is determined by Denver Paranormal Research Society to be extremely serious or dangerous to the person(s) with the goal of being able to provide the person(s) with necessary proof of paranormal activity so they may use the proof to seek professional help in the removal of the activity.

House Calls

I may need to visit a home to observe a location or talk to residents. Each situation is unique. Some may require me to witness a particular phenomenon firsthand. In other cases, I’ll view video footage or analyze a photograph and offer comments and advice. If you simply need me to listen to your story, I am happy to oblige.

Please use one of the contact methods to arrange a house call.




In loving memory of my dad, Frank



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